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Machine Vision for Inspection of Thin Films and Membranes


Modular Refrigeration Unit (MRU) provides thermal control to insulated containers in ambient temperatures as high as 130°F and as low as -40°F. Both the MRU-TQ1-404 and MRU-TQ3-404 can be rigidly attached to either the Tricon or Quadcon insulated containers. The MRU is designed to replace the Thermo King VM405 and the Carrier Integra 30S with improved performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Using a high-efficiency, environmentally safe refrigerant, the MRU meets or exceeds all requirements for military container heating and cooling.

Tested to U.S. Military Standard 810 – Official Modular Refrigeration Unit used by the U.S. Military

  • Designed for high ambient temperatures and desert conditions
  • Designed for maintenance or repair with common tools from standard military tool kits
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rate of 5,202 hours
  • 20-year storage life without performance degradation
  • Designed for maintenance or repair with common tools from standard military tool kits
  • Straightforward, intuitive control panel
  • Integrated LCD that simplifies temperature and defrost settings
  • 18 LED status indicators and nine jumpers located on the PCB allow user override of sensors and relays
  • Wire harnesses are straightforward plug and play
  • Brazing, soldering or wire splicing never required
ApplicationsClear to near-opaque webs
Measurement principleTransmission polarimetry
Web Width24 in per camera head
Camera working distance18 in (66° AOV)
Web SpeedTested up to 550 ft/min
Frame rate12+ frames/sec
Defect limit of detection25 micron
Thickness resolution1 micron
Ambient lightingCompatible with normal room lights without shielding
Environmental0-55 °C, fanless design
Power120 VAC / 60 Hz
Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
Contact: Send us an email – info@mainstream-engr.com
Phone:  321-631-3550

Biomass Conversion

Fast Pyrolysis Pilot Reactor

Mainstream develops transportable pyrolysis reactors to convert lignocellulosic waste biomass and mixed waste to pyrolysis bio-oil. Moreover, we sell small 1 kg/hr benchtop pyrolysis systems to universities and laboratories engaged in biomass research. We also operate a 1 ton/day pilot reactor at our Rockledge, Florida facility. The pilot-scale reactor was developed for government applications, providing on-site renewable energy generation to improve energy security.


Research Grade Bio-Oil

Agrefine® Bio-Oil low-Ash, Wood-Derived Pyrolysis Bio-Oil

Research quantities of bio-oil (2 L minimum) are available from Mainstream’s fast-pyrolysis pilot reactor for research or evaluation.
Contact bioenergy@mainstream-engr.com for sales information.


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