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Machine Vision for Inspection of Thin Films and Membranes

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Mainstream is developing the new and innovative The Mantis Eye. A customizable machine vision system for automated, continuous monitoring of thin films and membranes. The patent-pending optical design provides simultaneous film thickness mapping and defect detection. It samples the entire web width in real-time (100% inspection) and can be used on coating lines and other web converting equipment. The guiding principle of our product design is to provide the finest defect and thickness resolution with reasonably priced camera hardware. The idea is to provide a better value product instead of the brute force method of expensive cameras that bog down systems with huge images and data management issues.
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ApplicationsClear to near-opaque webs
Measurement principleTransmission polarimetry
Web Width24 in per camera head
Camera working distance18 in (66° AOV)
Web SpeedTested up to 550 ft/min
Frame rate12+ frames/sec
Defect limit of detection25 micron
Thickness resolution1 micron
Ambient lightingCompatible with normal room lights without shielding
Environmental0-55 °C, fanless design
Power120 VAC / 60 Hz
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Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
Contact: Send us an email – info@mainstream-engr.com
Phone:  321-631-3550

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Biomass Conversion

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Mainstream develops transportable pyrolysis reactors to convert lignocellulosic waste biomass and mixed waste to pyrolysis bio-oil. Moreover, we sell small 1 kg/hr benchtop pyrolysis systems to universities and laboratories engaged in biomass research. We also operate a 1 ton/day pilot reactor at our Rockledge, Florida facility. The pilot-scale reactor was developed for government applications, providing on-site renewable energy generation to improve energy security.
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Most small-scale reactors operate by batch processing or handle minimal amounts of feedstock material. As a result, designing, building, and commissioning a custom bench-scale process can be highly time-consuming and costly. Mainstream has eliminated the inherent risk by developing a pyrolysis test platform and is offering the industry a standard system capable of process optimization, bio-oil upgrading, and bio-oil collection testing and research.

Mainstream’s continuous, bench-scale pyrolysis unit provides a reliable test platform for pyrolysis research. The biomass feedstock optimizes the fluidized bed reactor yielding bio-oil of 65%. This system ultimately provides the researcher the ultimate control and flexibility of process parameters (e.g., temperature, residence time) and bio-oil separation and collection.

Fluidized Bed Pyrolysis Reactor
It generates high bio-oil yields with biomass and mixed waste.
Continuous, 2 lb/h with controlled reactor and heated zone control

Two-stage cyclone separators
Efficient separation of pyrolysis char byproduct
Multi-stage condensers
Fraction condensation of bio-oil product
Touchscreen HMI
Automated control of pyrolysis conditions and process parameters. Fluidizing gas flow, reactor temperature, heated zone control, and user-programmable

Table 1. Properties of Bio-oil from Bench-Scale Pyrolysis Unit

Property100% Pine80% Pine: 20% Polystyrene
Flow-Rate (L/min)17.017.0
Residence Time (sec)0.730.73
Density (g/ml)1.201.14
Moisture Content, wt%18.115.0
Elemental Analysis, Wet Basis
Elemental Analysis, Dry Basis
Heating Value20.019.9

Table 2. Properties of Char from Bench-Scale Pyrolysis Unit

Proximate AnalysisComposition (wt%)
Moisture2.27 - 6.03
Volatile Matter15.54
Fixed Carbon61.76
Ultimate Analysis
Carbon68.0 - 82.7
HHV25.5 - 29.7
Ash Constituents
Calcium, CaO38.50
Potassium, K2016.50
Silica, SiO212.00
Aluminum, AL20311.52
Magnesium, MgO9.64
Phosphorus, P2024.67
Ferric, Fe2022.04
Sulfur, S031.39
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Schwartz, Nicholas. “PyNe 45.” Task 34: Direct Thermochemical Liquefaction, Dec. 2019, https://task34.ieabioenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2019/12/PyNe-45_final.pdf.
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Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
Contact: Send us an email – info@mainstream-engr.com
Phone:  321-631-3550
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Heat and purify water

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Mainstream’s Heating/Hydrating Combat Ration (HHYCOR) heats and purifies water for the reconstitution of freeze-dried meals such as the Meal, Cold Weather (MCW) or for the preparation of hot drinks/beverages.

Eliminates the need for a portable stove
Contains no flammables
Prepare hot meals “on-the-go”
Removes viruses, bacteria and cysts
Single-use & multi-use disposable variants

HHYCOR Value-Added Features


Lightens the Load

Eliminates the need to carry a stove, fuel, or water purifier. The HHYCOR device is lightweight and packable with flexible packaging that weighs just ounces.

Mobility and Stealth

Prepares hot meals while on the move without an open flame that might betray position.

Robust Water Purification

Synergistic combination of heat, disinfection and membrane filtration.

No Iodine Taste

Iodine, as a chemical disinfectant, is initially added to the HHYCOR device and is subsequently removed from the resulting purified water.

Ease of Use

No pumping required — heater reaction inflates the pouch to push water through the filter!

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Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
Contact: Send us an email – info@mainstream-engr.com
Phone:  321-631-3550

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