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“Do what you love, and you don’t have to work a day in your life. That is what working at Mainstream Engineering is like for me – getting to push the boundaries of science and develop new energy technologies for a better tomorrow.”

Dr. Justin Hill Ph.D.

Materials Science Technology Leader | Engineering Manager

“Love the freedom to explore novel ideas to solve challenging problems. The collaborative atmosphere within MEC is excellent. I am fortunate to have the ability to be involved in product development from the early stages to full-rate production and customer support.”

Christian Rodriguez

Senior AeroSpace | Mechanical Engineer, M.S.

"The multidimensionality and fluidity of MEC have given me the ability to venture into different areas of engineering and science in a short period. Exposure to various fields, from biomass to nanotechnology, has improved my overall chemical engineering aptitude and keeps me feeling refreshed at work!"

Aristidis Mihalos

Research Chemical Engineer

"Mainstream has taught me so much; it's a great place to work if you love to learn. There are so many people here who are passionate about their projects and their fields. As an engineer, I'm involved in several projects which further my learning as an electrical engineer at MEC."

Ben Livney

Junior Electrical Engineer

"I have worked at MEC for 14 years, and what I like most about Mainstream is that we are family-oriented. MEC cares about their employees' well-being as well as their families. Education is important, and I have learned a lot and taken courses to help with my position as EPA Test Supervisor."

Lisa Rineholt

EPA Testing Supervisor

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