Mainstream Engineering Awarded Contract from Air Force to Develop a Health Monitoring System for Constant Speed Drives

ROCKLEDGE, FL — June 27, 2019 — Mainstream Engineering Corporation has been awarded a contract from the Air Force to Develop a Health Monitoring System for the Constant Speed Drives that are used to transfer power from the engines to the on-board generator. Mainstream has a long track record of developing health monitoring, fault detection, and prognostic algorithms to identify maintenance issues before a failure occurs.

For this Air Force application, Mainstream is developing a device that is capable of correlating the use of the Constant Speed Drive to wear and then to establish maximum useful life before overhaul.

About Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a 33-year-old Brevard County, Florida manufacturer with a history of leading-edge research and development that has resulted in advanced cost-competitive products, which are made in the USA. Founded in 1986, Mainstream’s mission is to transition advanced R&D into high-quality, environmentally-safe, green, commercial products using lean manufacturing techniques. Areas of research include thermal control, energy conversion, power electronics, biomass conversion, advanced sensors, chemical technology and materials science.