Lunar-Based Propellant Liquefaction System

ROCKLEDGE, FL — June 16th, 2021 — Mainstream Engineering Corporation has been awarded a contract from NASA for the development of the initial design of a Lunar-based Integrated Cryogenic Propellant Liquefaction System (I-CPLS). Mainstream’s design liquifies both oxygen and hydrogen in a compact lightweight system. Liquefaction of a rocket’s hydrogen propellant and oxygen oxidizer allows for the compact storage of these rocket fuel components and will eliminate the need to transport additional propellants and oxidizers fluids to the lunar surface.

This effort is targeted at improvements in the cryogenic propellant liquefaction state of the art, in particular system weight reduction. This fills a need for ultra-lightweight and low-power liquefaction system designs for lunar and Martian vehicle refueling systems.

About Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a 35-year-old Brevard County, Florida manufacturer with a history of leading-edge research and development that has resulted in advanced cost-competitive products, which are made in the USA. Founded in 1986, Mainstream’s mission is to transition advanced R&D into high-quality, environmentally safe, green, commercial products using lean manufacturing techniques. Areas of research include thermal control, energy conversion, power electronics, biomass conversion, chemical technology, and materials science. All Mainstream products are made in the USA.