Mainstream Engineering Awarded a contract from the US Air Force to develop a new sensor system for the Rocket Sled Test Facility

ROCKLEDGE, FL — March 4, 2019 — Mainstream Engineering has been awarded a contract from the U.S Air Force for sensor improvements to their Supersonic Rocket Sled.

The Holloman High-Speed Test Track, operated by the 846th Test Squadron, is the nation’s longest rocket sled test facility, with the primary mission of conducting egress systems testing. Assessment of egress system performance requires that time, space, and position information (TSPI) data be efficiently collected on the ejection seat and manikin (crash test dummy). Currently, ejection manikin data are collected using an array of cameras, thus requiring complex and time-consuming post-processing. The current method is also limited in its ability to quantifiably measure the pitch, roll, and yaw angles of the seat/manikin combination at the beginning of the egress event and of the manikin, after seat separation.

Mainstream intends to develop a sensor system technology that can be added to an egress manikin that will accurately determine the time, position, pitch, roll, and yaw of an ejected manikin without affecting the dynamic characteristics of the subject under test.

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