Mainstream Engineering Awarded Contract from the U.S. Army to Enhance UAV Engines

ROCKLEDGE, FL – December 14th, 2010 – Mainstream Engineering Corporation, leading research, and development company specializing in advanced thermal control and energy conversion, has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army to develop a nickel boron coating that will enhance engine performance.

Current engines used in UAVs lack efficiency and power because a significant amount of power and efficiency is lost in the combustion chamber/hot section of the engine.

The best solution is one that does not require extensive fabrication of the existing combustion chamber. New material is not likely to provide the bulk and surface properties required without significantly compromising functionality or cost. Mainstream believes that a nickel boron (Ni-B) coating is the most practical solution because it performs just as well or better than other coatings and unlike most other coatings, the Ni-B coating is not harmful to the environment.

Mainstream has identified an existing technology that can improve wear resistance, durability, and piston ring blow-by, and reduce friction for components when applied. Mainstream will demonstrate this enhancement for various engine components in Phase I. In Phase II, Mainstream will propose to operate the enhanced engine components in a full-scale prototype. Mainstream’s innovative technology will not only be useful for the performance of Army UAVs but also for commercial engines, turbines, and other components that would benefit from reduced friction and wear.