Mainstream Engineering Awarded Contract from the U.S. Navy for Power Factor Correction

ROCKLEDGE, FL — [Date Nov. 21, 2019] — Mainstream Engineering Corporation has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Navy for development of a Power Factor Correction device for military aircraft. Mainstream’s retrofit device will correct the power factor on board military aircraft while complying with applicable Military Standards. This device is capable of being added onto an aircraft electrical bus and is small and light enough to be easily installed with minimal impact.

About Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a 33-year-old Brevard County, Florida manufacturer with a history of leading-edge research and development that has resulted in advanced cost-competitive products, which are made in the USA. Founded in 1986, Mainstream’s mission is to transition advanced R&D into high-quality, environmentally-safe, green, commercial products using lean manufacturing techniques. Areas of research include thermal control, energy conversion, power electronics, biomass conversion, chemical technology and materials science.