AMD45 (Advanced Modular Diesel 3-Cylinder, 1.25 L, Turbodiesel 75 Horsepower (56 kW)

The AMD45 Turbodiesel was developed with automotive design principles coupled with durability enhancements for demanding military and industrial applications. It is well suited for small high performance transport vehicles (ATVs & riverine craft), generator/APU applications, hydraulic power units, and pumps.
  • Fuel efficient high-pressure common rail injection
  • Advanced electronic engine controls
  • Quiet multi-pulse combustion
  • Wide, smooth powerband
  • Lightweight aluminum engine
  • Silent self-adjusting zero lash valvetrain
  • Low maintenance electric water pump
  • Designed for Jet A, JP-5, JP-8, and diesel fuels
  • Front-mount PTO/ISA drive interface at crankshaft speed

Customer Benefits

  • Automotive turbocharged diesel performance is combined with industrial diesel durability
  • Lightweight all-aluminum design makes this the lightest engine in its class
  • Reduced noise and exhaust emissions with electronically controlled multi-pulse combustion
  • Fuel efficient high-pressure common rail fuel injection
  • Multi-fuel platform is compatible with diesel, Jet-A, JP-5 and JP-8 fuels
  • Broad powerband, delivered through high rpm operation
  • Low maintenance design, with no adjustable mechanical devices
  • Long life durability, designed for 8000 hours MTBEFF in stationary use applications
  • Power take off (PTO) can drive accessories of up to 40hp at 4500 rpm from the crankshaft end opposite the vehicle drive system
  • Hybrid ready PTO can be driven up to 40 hp, which is directly added to available vehicle power
  • Glow plugs are centrally located in the combustion chamber for quick cold weather starts
  • Coolant is circulated by an electric water pump for easy maintenance and excellent temperature control
  • Remote mountable water pump increases flexibility in vehicle packaging
  • Compact architecture has fully integrated components to reduce size
  • Contains a gear-driven balancer shaft for smooth operation with no maintenance