The Enhanced Environmental Control Unit (E2CU) represents the latest in ultra-efficient, military ready, ducted unitary heat pump systems. It is designed to provide cooling, heating, and ventilation, and includes energy saving features such as compressor soft start, variable speed indoor blower, and microprocessor-based embedded diagnostics.  These units were designed to replace the FDECU, LECU, and the IECU while providing better performance, reduced weight, improved power factor, simplified maintenance and increased reliability.

Mainstream’s E2CU has features not found in typical military ECUs. These enhancements include:

  • Plug-n-play wire harnesses
  • Microchannel evaporator and condenser
  • Non-corrosive easily replaceable forklift base
  • Sheathed wire harnesses
  • Machine threads, not sheet metal screws
  • Embedded diagnostics with microgrid compatibility for communication and control