Dimensions/WeightCenter of Gravity
Width51.5 inches (130.8 cm)27.4 inches
Depth41.6 inches (105.6 cm)25.0 inches
Height31.6 inches (80.3 cm)16.4 inches
Volume39.2 ft3 
WeightMECU-410 660 lbs (299.4 kg) / MECU-290 653 lbs (296.2 kg)
Electrical Power (208/230VAC, 50/60Hz.)Cooling Mode (125° F Ambient)Heating Mode (Electric Heat)
Power Requirements13 kW17.5 kW
Max. Running Amperage40 Amps45 Amps
Max. Inrush Current200 Amps80 Amps
Refrigerant TypeR-410AR-290
Refrigerant Capacity12 lbs5.5 lbs
Cooling Capacity60,000 Btu/hr @ 125° F d.b. ambient temperature with return temperature of 90°F d.b./75°F w.b.
Heating CapacityOne-Stage 6 kW (Set-point <80°F and return air temp >70°F) Two-Stage 12 kW (Set-point >80°F or return air temp < 70°F)
Evaporator Blower Capacity2,000 SCFM airflow at 3” H20 head pressure