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Coldplates and Heat Exchangers

Mainstream develops custom compressors, coldplates, condensers, valves, and control modules for size, weight, and power-optimized thermal management systems. We specialize in high heat flux cooling technologies such as spray cooling, microchannel cooling, jet impingement, and hybrid systems. We also promote single-loop cooling systems where the coldplate (U.S. Pat. Nos. 10,234,180, 10,036,578, and 9,398,722) serves as the evaporator of a vapor-compression (i.e., refrigeration) system without the need for secondary flow loops.

  • Coldplates – We have designed, fabricated, and tested coldplates for demanding applications where high heat flux (to 500 W/cm2), isothermality (less than 2°C), or precise temperature control (±2°C) are required. Our coldplates have been used for high-energy laser diodes and high-power electronics for radar jamming systems. Mainstream has the capability to braze microchannel and minichannel coldplates in our controlled atmosphere braze oven and has diffusion bonded exotic alloys for thermal expansion matching.

  • Condensers – Mainstream designs and fabricates microchannel condensers in our controlled atmosphere brazing oven. We develop optimized multi-port extrusions and forge custom fins and headers. We have the capability to manufacture condensers from either aluminum or copper alloys.
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