Improved Environmental Control Unit (IECU)


Mainstream’s modular Improved Environmental Control Units (IECUs) provide heating and cooling to troop shelters, containers, vehicles, and communications enclosures in ambient temperatures as high as 140°F and as low as -50°F. The IECU is available in three different nominal cooling capacities (9,000, 18,000 and 36,000 Btu/hr) with multiple power input options. Designed to replace legacy R-22 based ECUs, the IECU features improved energy efficiency, lighter weight, and easier maintenance. The IECU uses environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant and meets or exceeds all requirements for military heating and cooling.

  • Designed for Military Environment
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • No Training required for basic operation
  • Software upgradable PCB controller with battle-short capability
  • Removable remote provides for control at a convenient location
  • Designed for maintenance or repair with common hand tools from standard military tool kit.
  • Diagnostics Port allows complete troubleshooting with only a multimeter
  • Embedded diagnostics and 16 board-mounted LED indicators simplify maintenance
  • Plug and play modular components
  • Brazing/soldering not required during any maintenance procedure
  • All refrigerant components have threaded O-ring fittings that can be replaced with simple hand tools
  • Soft start device helps protect tactical power grids by limiting in rush current at start up.
  • EMI conducted and radiated emissions tested to MIL-461F
  • Designed for 20 year storage life
Model9K 115 VAC 1-Phase18K 230 VAC 1-Phase18K 208 VAC 3-Phase36K 208 VAC 3-Phase
Cooling (BTU/hr) @125F ambient9,38318,50619,20140,100
Heating (Watts)2,2004,5004,2009,000
Power (KW) @125F2.
Weight (Lbs)134226208295

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST

Contact: Send us an email – militarysales@mainstream-engr.com
Phone:  321-631-3550