Mainstream’s Tricon Refrigerated Container System (TRCS) is the official TRCS used by the U.S. Armed Forces and is the only TRCS verified to meet MIL-PRF-32335. TRCS is an eight-foot by eight-foot by six-foot six-inch (8′ X 8′ X 6′ 6″) insulated container with Mainstream’s Modular Refrigeration Unit (MRU) that is powered by an external power source and capable of storing and transporting temperature sensitive cargo. Our MRU maintains the insulated container at freezer or refrigerator temperature ranges in ambient temperatures ranging from -25 to +125°F. Mainstream’s TRCS is certified by NSF International to satisfy sanitary requirements of NSF/ANSI 7 Standard for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers. It is ISO 1496-2 tested and CSC approved. The Type III TRCS variant is equipped with interior shelving units with a 600 lbs.-per-shelf capacity and both interior and exterior lighting. The TRCS operates with 208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, three-phase power input.

Tested to U.S. Military Standard 810
Official Modular Refrigeration Unit used by the U.S. Military

  • Type I – Electrically Powered RU with Full-Width Double Door
  • Type III – Electrically Powered RU with Single-Man Door
  • Verified to Meet MIL-PRF-32335 Requirements
  • ISO Tested and CSC Approved
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 7 Certified
  • High Efficiency with Energy Saver Option
  • MTBF 5,022 hrs.
  • 20 Year Storage
  • Portable Exterior Lighting System (PELS)
    Standard on Type III, Optional on Type I

TRCS/MRU Value-Added Features

Designed for Military Environment
The MRU was designed for the harsh military environment. The unit has been tested to MIL-STD-810G (e.g., salt-fog, humidity, sand-dust, solar, ice & freezing rain, blowing rain and watertightness, EMI [RE102 and CE102], high and low temperature operation & storage, ground mobility, rail impact and transit drop).

Improved Air Flow and Air Circulation
Air is drawn into the evaporator so condensation is not sprayed onto the food inside the container. The conditioned air circulates radially from the evaporator compartment to provide more uniform air flow distribution and prevent air blockage.

Total Unit Modularity
Every component can be replaced with common tools. Tube brazing or wire splicing is never required.

NSF Food Grade Shelving Units
The TRCS can be outfitted with NSF certified removable stainless steel shelving units consisting of five 22″ wide shelves spanning the length on each side of the container (standard on Type III, optional on Type I).

PELS Lighting System
Available with an approved Portable Exterior Light System (PELS) with magnetic mounting bracket for attachment anywhere on the exterior of the TRCS (standard on Type III, optional on Type I).

Interior Lights
Available with an approved Interior (White and Black-out) LED lighting system (standard on Type III).

System Redundancy
Component redundancy allows the MRU to operate even if a condensor fan, evaporator fan, fan capacitor or heater fails. Extra terminals are available on the relays if a contact pits and fails.

Energy Saver Option
In freezer mode, an energy saver selection switch automatically operates the MRU longer during cooler periods of the day, such as the evening, to reduce power consumption.

Circuit Breakers
The MRU uses re-settable circuit breakers; there are no fusible links or fuses.