Mainstream Engineering Awarded Contract from the Navy for Improved Thermal Management Technology of Combat System Computers

ROCKLEDGE, FL —August 3, 2018 — Mainstream Engineering Corporation, a 32-year-old Brevard County manufacturer with a history of leading-edge research and development that has resulted in advanced, lean-manufacturing, cost-competitive products, which are all Made in the USA, has been awarded a contract from the Navy to develop an improved thermal management system for Navy combat system computers.

A modular and scalable cooling system technology that will largely replace the legacy water-to-air cooling systems and forced air-cooling systems has been developed and shown to also reduce acquisition cost and system weight. Mainstream’s modular cooling approach allows additional sensors, tactical displays, and consoles to be incorporated into the Integrated Combat System because the advanced thermal management technology occupies a smaller footprint. As part of this effort, extensive testing will be performed to validate system performance requirements in accordance with Navy standards and specifications.

 Mainstream Engineering Corporation®
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