Mainstream Engineering Awarded Contract from the Department of Energy for the Development of a Differential Compression/Expansion Ratio Engine

ROCKLEDGE, FL – April 17th, 2013 – Mainstream Engineering Corporation, a 27-year-old Brevard County research and manufacturing company, has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a highly efficient automotive engine with a differential compression/expansion ratio.

Automotive manufacturers have investigated many technologies to achieve ever-increasing, federally mandated fuel consumption requirements. However, alternative approaches must be considered to meet the upcoming efficiency demands. Differential compression/expansion ratio (DCE) engines have been investigated for nearly 100 years, and all thermodynamic studies show between an 8 and 20% increase in fuel efficiency. The problem has always been how to implement a practical, reliable, differential compression system.

Historically, DCE engines have been categorized into two types. The first type is a mechanical DCE in which the stroke is physically larger during an expansion (most popular is the Atkinson cycle). The second type is a valved-DCE in which the cylinder charge is reduced by modifying the intake valve timing (the most popular is the Miller cycle). Mainstream has developed a new automotive engine configuration that is more efficient than traditional Miller-cycle engines and is far less complex than competing mechanical DCE technologies. Improving efficiency leads to the ability to both save fuel and downsize engines, which provides a tremendous public economic benefit.

“This new contract award is one part of a series of successful ongoing automotive engine development programs at Mainstream. Our goal is to create local jobs, improve the nation’s energy efficiency, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil, all while reducing emissions and preserving the environment. Our products have always been proudly “Made in the USA,” stated Dr. Robert Scaringe, President of Mainstream.

About Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a solutions-oriented research, development, and manufacturing small business founded in 1986. Our primary mission is to transition advanced thermal control, energy storage, and energy conversion technology into high-quality, cost-effective, environmentally-safe green, commercial products. Products include lightweight diesel/JP8-fueled engines (including generators and hybrid vehicle drive trains), advanced thermal control units, advanced biomass conversion technologies, refrigerators/freezers for shipping containers, and the QwikProduct™ line of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) products. Areas of advanced research include thermal control, energy conversion, engine and emissions research, turbomachinery, chemical technology, and materials science.