Mainstream Awarded Contract to Demonstrate and Optimize a Self-Contained Portable Sterilization System

ROCKLEDGE, FL – November 14, 2005 – Mainstream Engineering Corporation, leading research, and development company specializing in advanced thermal control, energy conversion, and chemical-based heating, cooling, and sorption technologies, has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) to demonstrate and optimize a self-contained Portable Sterilization System (PSS).

The military often posts troops for long periods of time in austere and remote locations where power and clean water are difficult to obtain. At these locations, a lightweight, portable device is needed to provide sterilization for medical or dental instruments because autoclaves are not possible to carry, or are logistically impractical.

Mainstream’s PSS will allow surgical/dental procedures to be performed with sterilized instruments. A chemical method of creating the steam will eliminate the need for power, and keep the total weight and volume of the sterilization device small. This chemical sterilization device will be safe, storable for one year, and environmentally friendly. When completed, the chemical system component will be optimized with steam generation kinetics, temperature control, and microorganism efficacy. Mainstream’s PSS will also be designed and fabricated to be passively operated.

Mainstream’s experience in this field includes a successful system for NASA’s SCAPE suits.

This work is supported by the USAMRAA under contract number W81XWH-06-C-0042.