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Military aircraft currently use an externally bladed ram air turbine to provide electrical power for military stores (pods). This current system has disadvantages. First, an externally bladed turbine located at the cone of the pod increases the aerodynamic drag of the aircraft. Second, with the turbine located at the leading edge of the pod, the forward end of the advanced technology tactical jamming pod cannot be used for jamming equipment.

To eliminate these disadvantages, Mainstream developed an innovative design configuration that allows the turbine to be located internally. The system is capable of generating the required power for equipment, such as the advanced technology tactical jamming pod for the EA-18G advanced airborne electronic attack aircraft. In addition to electrical generation, a novel approach for providing active cooling for electronic equipment aboard the pod was developed. This new system has significant advantages over ram air turbines currently used by the Department of Defense.

The benefits are many-fold for an internally located ram air-driven turbine capable of developing the electrical power and cooling capacity for the aircraft. This system also allows for additional electronic equipment to be located in the front end of the pod, which provides an improved field of view for jamming equipment. The system also decreases aerodynamic drag and improves overall fuel efficiency of the aircraft.