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Magnetic Bearing Air Compressor
for Gaseous Oxygen Generation

Mainstream successfully demonstrated the essential components of a portable magnetic bearing centrifugal oxygen compressor for use in a compact lightweight Portable Oxygen Generator System (POGS). The POGS is used to generate medical-grade oxygen from ambient air in forward medical treatment areas. The manufacturer of the complete POGS experimentally demonstrated that 99% pure oxygen can be continuously produced with 15-psig supply air.

Mainstream already experimentally validated that a compact single-stage centrifugal compressor can produce the required 15 psig while maintaining high compressor efficiency. A POGS with a power consumption efficiency in excess of 50 W/slpm is now being demonstrated using a compact high-reliability Mainstream magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor. This revolutionary design will increase oxygen production by 150%, improve power efficiency by 215%, reduce the size by 270% and reduce the weight by 425% (when compared to similar-sized, state-of-the-art systems).

Successful prior development efforts generated interest from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and NASA-JSC. This development program is revolutionizing portable oxygen generator technology.