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Research & Development at Mainstream

Solutions Through Advanced Technology®

Mainstream is a premier R&D company that focuses on transitioning advanced thermal control and energy conversion technology into high-quality and cost-effective commercial products. Areas of expertise include complete thermal control systems, energy conversion devices, heat transfer, fluid flow, thermodynamics, mechanics, chemistry, materials, nano-technology and new emerging technologies. Mainstream is currently providing solutions to NASA, DOD, DOE, DOT, DOC, and industry through externally funded R&D. Mainstream also has extensive internally funded R&D to support our externally funded R&D and to transition R&D into commercial products. Mainstream has a 100% DOD Commercialization Index.

Our Approach

At Mainstream, we focus on the R&D process rather than any particular "widget" or technology. Our research efforts start with getting a clear understanding of a user's needs and then considering all the available options. We seek to approach each new challenge with a "blank sheet" and without bias toward our own previous inventions.

We use small, focused design teams to address problems in a tight-knit setting that fosters creativity and effective communication. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools and rapid-prototyping are used extensively to speed development timelines.

Unlike most other small companies, Mainstream is engaged in all aspects of providing solutions from initial concept through final manufacturing, sales, and support. We encourage you to see for yourself at our Patents, Manufacturing, and Products pages.