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Engines and Generators

Mainstream Engineering designs and builds custom, purpose-built engines for demanding, niche applications such as military generators, unmanned aerial vehicles, alternative fuel generators, and high-MPG vehicles. For generator and hybrid-drive applications, we also design and build custom integrated starter-alternators and power conditioning electronics. Government clients for our engine development services include DOE, DOT, USDA, and DOD. Examples of our engine development programs include:

  • Ultra-lightweight, three-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine for military APUs and vehicles
  • Hybrid-electric turbocharger for waste heat harvesting and transient lag reduction
  • Compact 500-W diesel generator to power railway track monitoring equipment
  • Biogas-tolerant engine-generator for anaerobic digesters
  • Cavitation-enhancing fuel injector nozzle for small-displacement diesel engines

Our engine design approach uses small, focused design teams that extensively leverage computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools, supplier expertise, rapid prototyping, and in-house dynamometer testing to accelerate project timetables. Examples of our engine design capabilities are:

  • Full 3D, in-cylinder, reacting-flow simulations for diesel injector and combustion chamber design
  • Conjugate heat-transfer analysis of engine blocks to design coolant passages
  • Engine control strategy development and programming of engine control units
  • Design and testing of custom, high-pressure, common-rail diesel fuel injection systems
  • Design of custom control boards for integrated starter-alternator (ISA) functionality

Engine Design Process Engine Design Process

Mainstream Engineering has extensive CAE, laboratory and rapid prototyping facilities for engine and motor/alternator development. These resources aid at all stages of the development process from concept evaluation to design, fabrication, and testing. Examples of our facilities include:

  • CAE software tools for 1-D engine cycle simulation, 3-D reacting flow simulation, thermal and stress analysis, control strategy development, motor/alternator design, and CAD/CAM
  • Large-engine dynamometer test cell (120-hp AC dynamometer)
  • Small-engine dynamometer test cell (30-hp eddy-current dynamometer)
  • Emissions test equipment including CO, CO2, NOX, THC, and PM
  • CNC machine shop (5-axis CNC mill, several 4-axis mills and lathes)

See our Energy Conversion page for information on related energy and fuels programs. We pride ourselves on adding value at all stages from concept through to manufacturing—see examples of our other product development activities on the Patents, Manufacturing, and Products pages.

Contact or 321-631-3550 to discuss how Mainstream Engineering can help to design a custom, purpose-built engine or generator for your application.

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Contact or 321-631-3550 to discuss how Mainstream Engineering can help to design and manufacture a light, rugged and reliable generator for your application.